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Recently I have been asked this question multiple times, “what kind of dog (breed) should I get?” That is indeed a very good question! My answer is do your homework. Think about your lifestyle and the space you live in. Do you have a yard or is it a smaller space? Are there young children or teenagers? Or elderly people who may not cope with a highly energetic breed. Research breeds, this will offer you information about their traits and approx size, if looking at pure bred particularly. If you are inclined for what I like to call a “designer dog” which are all the fancy mixed breeds that people are selling eg labradoodles, spoodles etc…. check out the “parents” not all designer dogs are created equal. (For example, is the mix standard or miniature poodle?)  If you are going down the adoption route then knowing exactly what you are going to get is not an option. So assume that they will more likely be on the bigger breed side of things. Or better yet, adopt an older dog, ex working lines or greyhounds, there are plenty of options there also.  Another good thing to keep in mind, temperament is genetic, so if ever you have the opportunity to get a better look at the “parents” then take it. It will give you more insight into the dog you could be getting.

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