We aim to provide the best training advice & information for you & your furry friend.

One On One

From $220

/ per session

Minimum of 2 sessions, we come to you. 

If you are having any behavioural problems or simply need help in understanding your dog better or maybe your pup is too old for classes. This is the ideal solution and we are here to help. The benefits of in home training are that they can begin to learn in an environment that they are familiar with, which helps with focus.  Also we can work on things that are specific to you and your household so that you and your dog get the most enjoyment out of each other. 

Payment must be made in full prior to the 2nd visit. 

Puppy Training Development Class
Ages 8 weeks to 8 months


/ 4 classes

Where we learn how our dogs communicate, aout their behaviour and body language. Build confidence through good dog/lead handling skills and fun training to create a great relationship with our dogs. Some of the things we will cover: 

  • Desensitization, exposure and socialization. 
  • Verbal Markers/Clickers, how they work and why we use them. 
  • Reinforcement, how it is used, when to use it and learning the rate of reinforcement. 
  • Basic Commands 
  • Boundary training, (bed, place, mat) how and why we teach it.

Plus loads more. 

Spaces are limited. Flat collar and lead will be required. You will also need safe footwear and enough food/ treats for the hour. 

Must have 2nd vaccinations min.

Puppy Preschool - Coming Soon


/ per session

Walk & Trains Any Age


/ per walk

We go out into different environments and proof our dogs obedience.  Must be fully vaccinated. 

Max 10 dogs per session and you can book and pay as you like. This is a fun way to get out and about with our dogs in new and exciting environments.  Not only to enrich their senses but continue to work on our obedience in different and new places. The locations will vary so please contact us for dates and locations. 

Puppy Care


/ per day

Have a new pup and not sure what to do with them while your at work, or simply want someone to check on them once a day?

 Until your new friend has had their 2nd vaccination they will not be allowed to go too far and certainly not allowed at doggy daycare.. Let us take the stress away by helping to cater to their needs. We can feed, water, and exercise/stimulate them for 40 mins a day. We come to you. (if drive time is over 30 mins there will be an additional fee of $20)

Puppy Preparation


If you are looking to get a new furry family member, whether it be old or young then give us a call. We offer free advice on what you will need so that you are ready for their arrival.

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